Chlorine, disinfection of sewage effluents

R Molony molab at
Thu Nov 13 15:45:34 EST 1997

"Francois" <faben at> wrote:

>I would like to know about the disinfection of sewage effluent waters.
>Our setup has three muturation ponds, before whe discharge into a nearby
>stream.  currently we are dosing 1-2 ppm of chlorine -bhromine mixture of
>tablets into the channel before the first pond, is this correct, what is the
>optimum contact time of this type of disinfection?  Should we rather dose
>after the maturation ponds, why?

>The ponds cover a surface area of about 20-30 meters each in diameter.
>I'm mailing from south africa.

Chlorination should always be done after the loss of as much organic
material as possible. 
In your case at the actual discharge. If this is not done the the
required chlorine for sterilisation is excessively high to say nothing
of the halomethanes. Depending on your circumstances it may even be an
advantage to use either hydrogen peroxide or ozone instead 

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