cure for vanco resistant S. Aureus

Richard Gilder gilder at
Fri Nov 14 08:30:55 EST 1997

This sounds like a good idea and in fact is essentially the way some new
antibiotics are found. But the rest of the story is that although your
"wonderdrug" may kill VRSA, it may
also kill your patient! Or be so toxic that it only kills your patient's
bone marrow. This is the real problem in finding a drug that is both "safe"
and "effective". Compounded by the
problem that sometimes human tissue cultures and lab animals that are used
to test 
the toxic effects do not tell the whole story. There are some experimental
drugs that do
appear to be safe in the lab, but when actually given to real live human
beings, prove to be quite toxic under certain circumstances. We were just
very fortunate that penicillin does not fry brains as well as it fries
susceptable organisms, but even penicillin in sufficient quantity is toxic.

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