Rhodococcus capsule quantitation--HELP!!!

Matthew Stoecker quinnt at u.washington.edu
Mon Nov 17 15:44:39 EST 1997

Ok, has ANYONE done this before?  I'm looking for a way to quantitate the
amount of capsular polysaccharide produced by a strain of Rhodococcus vs.
a capsule negative mutant.  I tried doing total carbohydrates, but the
cell-wall carbohydrates of Rhdococcus interfere with this assay.  SO, I've
tried hydrolysing whole cells, deriving the sugars, and analyzing by gas
chromatography, but there is no apparent difference.  This is definitely
NOT a poly-amino acid capsule, I"ve ruled that out, and the scant
literature reports only polysaccharide capsules from rhodococcus anyway. 
Help!  I"m desperate!  Any ideas?

Matthew Stoecker
University of Washington

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