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Attila G. Relenyi,Ph.D. amsa at
Mon Nov 17 13:38:18 EST 1997

new biocide called DTEA is specifically effective on
metal-surface-resident microorganisms, DTEA is EPA registered and
commercially available as biocide but is also available as cleaner
formulation which makes no biocide claims on the label (regulatory
reasons for this), use of biocide for commercial purposes can be only
as approved by EPA but use for small lab purposes is possible

when you referred to: "Could a bacteria-cidal effect happen due to
reducing Mg, Zn,Mn, Cu, and other metals in bacterial metallo-enzymes?",
assume you meant that if some agent interferred with the metals, could
one expect a biostatic or biocidal effect? answer is: yes, in fact
quinoline based antibiotics have such mode of action (meaning they
reversibley complex with the metals in select enzymen systems)

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Attila G. Relenyi, Ph.D.
AMSA, Inc.

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