Help! Automated counting of bacteria in plates or under

Attila G. Relenyi,Ph.D. amsa at
Mon Nov 17 13:08:16 EST 1997

contact as this is USA national biofilm
research center and has folks who have such equipment and have done
evaluations, good contacts are Nick Zelver and Dr. Anne Camper at

we routinely scan Petrifilm using HP scanner as well as held held
scanner ($100 - 200 US dollars) and than take image into Adobe Photoshop
4.0, enlarge and cut out sections of interest for physical counting, not
automated but is a good technique for storing and doing manual image
analsysis, use of the 'invert' function of Photoshop gives a very
interesting image from which to count and to estimate population
densities, any type of photo/ image editor works well which has some of
the features of Photoshop

Attila G. Releny, Ph.D.
AMSA, Inc. USA - industrial biocides sales/service/consulting

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