Chlorine, disinfection of sewage effluents

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The reply from Bob was indeed correct, let me add:

Any oxidizer based on halogen, be it bromine or chlorine, has an
immediate (less than 1 minute) reaction with any organics, the organics
are the bacteria as well as water components.  

A number of oxidizer products are available and they make a variety of
claims but regardless of the marketing/advertising, the chemistry cannot
be changed. 

If you have high organic load system, use a non-oxidizer product if you
can afford it in conjunction with an oxidizer program. 

One of the newest biocides available is a product called DTEA, it was
registered in Europe and USA for cooling water and is the newest new
active ingredient available. It has excellent disinfection properties
and environmental positioning. Its use in cooling water and in systems
which are sour (hydrogen sulfides), ammonia, highly alkaline, and high
temperatures (geothermal, oil drilling, etc.).

A well known biocide, called DBNPA, has been registered and is used in
USA in waste water but it readily reacts with sulfides. Its' use is
based primarily on its environmental degradation profile to  carbon
dioxide and bromide ion in a matter of minutes.

I also suggest, that you should run kill time and efficiency studies on
any treatment which any sales person, consultant, or general academic
recommends. Determine the facts for yourself so you are lead by data
which may have more of sales spin to it than a factual spin.  Test
simply done in the field using either basic traditional MB tools or the
more newer ATP based as the field based testing has evolved in the last
few years to be reliable, affordable, and not limited to specialists.

If you'd like some more info, as time permits I would try to help you as
a professional courtesy and as a helping hand to a fellow Netcitizen,

I recently served as chairman of the biocides panel of the AWT, AWT is an org. in USA of about 500 water treat co.s who
represent 28% of USA service companies.  The rest are Nalco, Betz who
are multinational conglomerates and are "big business".  I am very
committed to biocide education as there is a lot of misrepresentation
and therefore misunderstanding in the area of industrial disinfection
due to vested corporate interests and just plain lack of good science. I
also have a less altruistic motivation, I am also running a small,
specialized biocide company with USA and Middle East operations. We have
particular interests to help developing areas as it is both satisfying,
meets important needs, is very interesting, has the most impact to make
this globe a better place, and still meets the needs corporate

If your e-mail system can handle it, we have a lot of biocide related
information which may be of help to you as that is what we do for a
living and  am willing to transmit some  limited info to you as a
professional courtesy.   The data formats are in MS Word and PowerPoint
but the files are rather large, 15 - 30 MB.  We have recently
implemented producing our own CD's for our own internal use and provide
select information as service to our customers at a modest cost on CD as
large e-mail files are still a problem. 

(I am in the biocide sales business and I hope to have not sounded to
much as a sales person.   I think you will find my advice is
scientifically validated  as I am first and foremost a scientist with an
excellent set of professional credentials and personal integrity but
with a good deal of field experience in the USA and the Middle East (GCC
countries). We have a modest sales office in Saudi Arabia but am based
in USA but are well versed to work in many challenging environments.

If I can be of help to you, pls let me know as I believe that if we
share and have a good command of the facts, both suppliers and consumers
can meet on a level playing field. Based on this philosophy, my company
has successfully provided technology transfer and assistance to lots of
folks who simply need a helping hand.)

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