Borna Virus

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Tue Nov 18 00:18:49 EST 1997

Thank you for reading this post. : )
To whom it may concern,
     I am in search of any new information which may be available on Borna
 Virus.  More specifically, I live in Boston MA, and hope to find a clinical
 study on this, which I could potentially take part in.  At the very least, I
 would like to be tested using the methodology used by Liv Bode and her fellow
 associates, {Department of Virology, Robert Koch-Institute, Berlin, Germany -
 See journal: Molecular Psychiatry 1996; bol. 1, issue 3 [july 1996]}, to find
 out if I do indeed show antigens to the virus.  
     Currently Liv Bode is conducting clinical studies using the drug
 Amantadine Sulfate.  If it should turn out that my neuropsychiatric condition
 is caused or related in any way to the Borna Virus, I want the chance to try
 this drug and be a part of a US clinical study that could affect the mental
 health of millions of people who suffer as I do.
     Where can I find these things??  I haven't the slightest clue how to
 search for such a study which may be seeking to recruit subjects.  Any advice,
 ideas and comments would be highly welcome.

{MuffinLar at}

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