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Pittman writes,

<what is the best method for making slant tubes?

thanks in advance!>

Dispense 12-15 mL of the agar into each tube, autoclave, and let cool 
slightly  for about 10 minutes when they come out of the autoclave. Then 
you lay out the tubes on an incline.  If you can purchase them, there are 
"slanter racks" (a.k.a. test tube shelves, I think) which are metal trays 
on a stand which can be adjusted on the incline of your choice. You then 
simply tighten the test tube caps and lay the tubes on the trays until 
the agar solidifies.

If you cannot purchase a slanter, handfuls of plain paper towels will do 
nicely, but depending on how many slants you're making, you have to 
adjust each individual pile of paper towels to the correct visually, by 
laying one tube so that the cap side is on the towels and the rest of the 
tubes incline down onto the bench; adjust the size of the pile visually. 
How much slant you want depends on the kind of slants you're making; for 
instance TSI slants should have large butts, so that would be a slightly 
greater angle than media in which the butt size is of less importance 
(large butts mean you want more media near the bottom of the tube. In any 
case, with the paper towel method, you adjust each pile individually as 
mentioned, then lay out all your tubes on the towels cap side high, until 
the agar is solid.

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