Patent on 16S rDNA sequence?

kuhnfucius kkuhnspamno at
Wed Nov 19 14:07:48 EST 1997

What if one take the sequence already known and artifically modifies it?  I 
do though agree with you.  I have by the way patented the name "Kuhn" and your 
adding "ert" to it is a questionable infringement !!

In article <3472DE74.6AB3 at>, kuhnert at says...
>Now and then one hears rumors that a company is going to get a patent
>on the complete 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequence of any bacterium. I
>simply cant imagine how they could obtain a patent for a sequence that
>could obviously been used for diagnostic and a lot of other
>applications. Moreover, since this gene sequences are already known for
>quite some time. Does anybody know more of it?
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