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>Well, I'm just really curious about this, hope someone out there knows! 
>Thank you for your time.

Vitek did this experiment already and could not validate the identifications on
a consistent basis.  Even the 0.45% solution is suspected of causing
conflicting identifications due to inaccuracies in preparation and/or saline
Also. . .  it is unwise to experiment with an already validated identification
system.  Even if you could show on a limited basis, that 0.85% works just as
well as 0.45%, the FDA already has the full Vitek experimental data that proves
0.85% really does NOT work as well as 0.45%.  

The experimentation was empirical, so, you might need several experiments to
find out _why_ some bacteria will not consistently ID using 0.85%.  (It
probably has to do with injured bacteria (enzyme systems, cell walls,
etc.)--mostly seen from environmental samples).   Even ATCC cultures will not
validate is you don't follow the Vitek recommended rehydration procedures.   I
hardly think it's worth the time and money to duplicate the already extensive
Vitek data proving 0.85% is unvalidatable.

You can probably get the data from Vitek by emailing then at bmxvitek at

(I write the validate protocols for some of their clients).


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