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Wed Nov 19 05:25:26 EST 1997

Mark Segal wrote:

> The comment by Douglas Rice, about not having one-size-fits-all for
> bacterial identification is true enough.  Phenotypic kit type systems
> may work well enough for some clinical isolates, but may have limited
> utility at best for many environmental isolates of Ps.  You really need
> to understand the basis for any identification system before jumping in

I have found that, though it is not always reliable for all
environmental isolates, the BIOLOG phenotypic I.D. systems works very
well on environmental isolates of Pseudomonas (sensu stricto). In all
cases (about 15 examples) where BIOLOG has identified my unknown strain
as a true Pseudomonas, 16S rDNA sequencing confirmed the identification.

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