commercial source of lactoferrin

John H. goo at
Sat Nov 22 00:28:26 EST 1997

I have used 100mg quantities of human lactoferrin from Sigma Chemical.
(They also have bovine lactoferrin which is cheaper).  Sidenote:
The anti-microbial qualities of lactoferrin are associated with a small
portion of the N-lobe of the peptide (often referred to as lactoferricin).
Iron-saturated lactoferrin typically does not have antimicrobial activity
against mucosal organisms, as they are adapted to using it as an
iron source.  Sorry, no information on commercial applications.

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Chris Michiels wrote in message <34762619.6C3B at>...
>I am looking for a commercial source of lactoferrin (100s of mg or a few
>grams) at an affordable price. Are there any commercial applications of
>lactoferrin as an antimicrobial?
>Chris Michiels
>Lab. Food Microbiology

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