Alternative to Autoclave??

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Sun Nov 23 22:22:31 EST 1997

Robert A. wrote:
> Hello,
> The question stems from my interest/activity as a beer brewer.  I
> currently culture and store various ale and lager yeast samples for
> use in my brewing.  With my current methods, I am able to store yeast
> cultures for about 8 weeks.  So far, I am doing simple sterile water
> "washing" and have experimented with freezing yeast in a glycerin
> solution.
> My desire is to store yeast cultures on agar "slants".  I am less than
> a novice in microbiology, but I don't see any major problems with
> methodology,  my concern is with "autoclaving".
> Is there an acceptable alternative to autoclaving.... i.e. 60 minutes
> in a hot oven??  Will treatment in an oven be effective in sterilizing
> slant tubes that would house yeast cultures in a refridgerator for 6
> months?  A year?.
> Would sterilizing agar in this manner work?

NO, you would not be sterilizing it. It must be autoclaved or you could 
buy prepared slants.

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