The Worst Potential Genetic Nightmare?

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Mon Nov 24 09:01:18 EST 1997

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>I am writing a novel involving genetic engineering. What, in the
>opinion of readers of this newsgroup, would be the worst possible
>thing that could be engineered with this technology? 
>I am not an anti-genetics person, by the way, I'm just looking for a
>good "or else" scenario for my novel.
>What would it be? Making HIV airborne? Hybrid animals/humans? What
>would be the worst you could imagine?
>Thanks for your help.

What do think about putting genes, that encode for the synthesis of 
psychoactive substances (found in some fungi and a lot of other plants), into 
harmless unsuspicious plants like tabacco (can be smoken immediately!) or 
apples. These gene-altered plants would be easy to grow in Europe, USA, or 
other regions where drugs are imported from South America or the Orient. No 
transport would have to be done.
I think that would be a bad nightmare for all people who try to fight drugs.

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