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:>Working with food businesses in the UK one of our clients is a restaurant
:>who are under pressure from enforcement agencies over the cooking of
:>chicken livers.  The restaurant is a high quality establishment who serve a
:>number of dishes seared on the outside, including flambeing, but remaining
:>pink in the middle.  Chicken liver is one of these and is popular on the
:>menu.  The method of cooking is recommended in a number of recipe books.
:>The main concern is the likely survival of pathogens and in particular
:>campylobacter.  Has any one experience of looking for campylobacter in
:>these circumstances?  There is likely to be contamination of the livers but
:>is it most likely to be on the surface or will it be invasive?  At what
:>core temperature can the organism be guarrenteed to be killed?
:>Any help would be appreciated
:>Steve Rhodes

This issue of raw (semi) product comes up once and a while and the black and
white answer is to prevent and prepare properly. When cooking the heck out of
something is not wanted there is an elememt of risk.

A good way of dealing with a specific recipe is to make sure your supplier has
a safe product to start with to the point of testing the odd sample, but
nothing is guaranteed always. Customers also must realize that there is a risk
from eating such product.

Freezing raw product can variably affect ptential pathogens negatively.

The big problem with food safety from pathogens is the so called garanteed
safe well cooked foods that come from fast food places where the elevated risk
inherent in a particular product demand good quality control in production
(all facets) is the  failure of a high risk proceedure failing probably due to
mechanical failure or human error.

The bottom line......there is an element of risk in eating any food but  one
is probably not going to die...loose a little weight maybe and tax the medical

hope this helps some

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