TemmyKimes temmykimes at
Wed Nov 26 21:25:55 EST 1997

Hi, my name is Laura and I'm an 8th grade science student.  I chose as my topic
"What Solutions/Methods Clean a Kitchen Work Surface Best?".  I really don't
know a lot about the subject and I would really appreciate if you answered the
following questions:
                                1)So far, my solutions are as follows:
Detergent, water, bleach.
                                   What else could I use? Would Lysol be good?
                                2)Are there any good resources I can use for
more info?
                                3)Basically, I will sterilize everything in
boiling water, then lick
                                  some spoons and dip, soak or scrub it in my
solutions, then 
                                  take a culture w/ sterile swabs and a petri
dish.  My 
                                  question is, what temperature should I keep
the petri dishes                  
                                  at and should I leave it under what kind of
light?  I am           
                                  planning to use either agar or beef broth in
gelatine as my  
                                 Which would be best?           
      Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it!!!! = ) 

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