DNA isolation from mud/soil

Marcus Schmidt marcus.schmidt at tu-bs.de
Mon Oct 20 00:48:43 EST 1997

Peter J Charlton wrote:

> Hi - I've been looking for a method of extracting PCR-able genomic DNA
> from sediments such as lake mud.  The trouble is, there are a lot of methods
> detailed in the literature, and nearly every author claims his/her method is
> the best.

Of course they do :^)

> Would anyone like to tell me their favourite method and why?  or perhaps
> point me in the direction of a recent review of soil extraction methods?

I recently have finished my thesis on just that topic. I have tried to
mail you, but only got an "address unresolvable" bouncemail.

As I can write several meg's on that topic, we should IMHO rather
discuss it per email. Please send me one.


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