Pseudomonas putida growth?

Christian Erber erber at
Tue Sep 2 06:05:58 EST 1997

hbkg at wrote:
> I culture Pseudomonas putida in liquids, and found growth strange..
> At first it grows like small particles, and then it stick to a test
> tube, forming kind of string. It seems that it likes surfaces rather
> than inside of the liquid. Culture temp is 30 C and rpm is 180.
> Is it general in Pseudomonas putida?
> I would appreciate your experiences.

I am working with Pseudomonas putida DSM 50026 (test strain for water
quality tests). When I cultivate the strain in a nutrient broth
(Standard-I-Naehrboullion from MERCK) at 30°C and 180 rpm in a shaking
flask, cell morphology changes from short rods to long cells, forming
also kind of strings after 8 hours of incubation.
I have controlled the purity of the strain on Kings Agar A.

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