Square bacterium ?

Daniel Bond drb13 at cornell.edu
Fri Sep 5 08:09:06 EST 1997

In article <gshearer-0409971018030001 at>,
gshearer at whale.st.usm.edu (Glen Shearer) wrote:

> I recall that about 1981 a square shaped bacterium was discovered in or
> near the Red Sea.  True?  Anyone know more about this organism?  Does it
> have a name?

in 1980, T. Walsby published a paper in Nature about what came to be
called _Haloarcula_, which was found in the sinai peninsula.  The thing
looks just like a postage stamp.   

I've read *of* a report in 1986, by K. Horikoshi et al, who reported a
triangular bacteria, also from high salt environment. But I've never seen


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