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>One of my sixth formers wants to do a project on the anti-microbial
>properties of curries & eastern spices, but is stumped for references. Any
>suggestions as to where to start her off would be gratefully received.

The book: _Preservative-Free and Self-Preserving Cosmetics and Drugs_
edited by Kabara and Orth, copyright 1997 is a good source.  Marcel Dekker
is the publisher, see ordering information below (I wrote part of this
book).  The book has extensive references and chapters applicable to your
study.  See pages 169, 184, 206, and the charts measuring the MICs of
antimicrobial effects of spices, spices as food preservatives, synergism of
spices and BHA phenolic antioxidants, and Hoffman and Evens _The use of
spices as preservatives_ on page 207.  

Several chapters show how botanicals and essential oils from spices can be
used as antimicrobials and data is presented in chart form for single spice
extracts and multiple combinations of those spices (to find synergy).  

Also, I developed a rapid (D-value) method for measuring the speed of kill
for various antimicrobial spices.  I can send you a reprint if you E-mail
your snail-mail address to me (anyone reading this post is invited to do so).

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Co-author (with Kent M. Sorrells), Water Activity and Self-Preserving
Formulas, In:  _Preservative-Free and Self-Preserving Cosmetics and Drugs_,
Kabara and Orth, editors.  Copyright 1997,
Marcel-Dekker, ISBN 0-8247-9366-8, Telephone: 1-800-228-1160

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