Qestions for microbiology qizz nigt

Gary Lum glum at ozemail.com.au
Wed Sep 10 07:32:02 EST 1997

Mark Mason wrote:

> > I am organising a microbiology qizz night for the Australian Society of
> > Microbiology and are looking for some fun and interesting questions and
> > ideas for this night. If any one out there has some I would be greatfull
> > for your help. Thanks in advance.

> Suggest you contact Michael Leung in Micro dept at Royal Perth Hosp.
> He was the "quiz master" at the ASM WA branch quiz night last month.

In Brisbane we had some fun nights.  It's always easy to choose the
birth year of a great microbiologist.  Or ask for the fastest time to
spell _Actinomyces actinomycetemcommitans_.  We also had Sale of the
Century board with some photomicrographs and photos of
university/hospital personalities etc.

A who am I or two is always fun.

You could look at some recently renamed bacteria and ask relevant
taxonomical questions.

Just a few ideas.



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