Silica Gel Plates

Helene A Hilger hhilger at UNCC.EDU
Mon Sep 15 12:13:32 EST 1997

>  I am gearing up to try to enumerate methanotroophs in 
soil.  From the references I've consulted, it looks like it 
may be 
> necessary to use silica gelled plates to avoid high 
background counts.  The 
> protocols for preparing such plates seem quite 
complicated.  I'd appreciate 
> hearing from anyone who has experience preparing silica 
gelled plates, 
> especially if you've found a relatively simple protocol 
that works.  I'm a civil 
> engineer with no access to glass petri dishes.  I'll need 
to be able to pour 
> sterile media into plastic petri dishes.
>  Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer.
>  Helene Hilger
>  Civil Engineering
>  UNC-Charlotte

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