Karl Roberts kr1 at PGSTUMAIL.PG.CC.MD.US
Wed Sep 17 12:18:32 EST 1997

Dear Jaimee,
	What biochemical tests have you performed? Growth on various
media? Cell, colonial morphology? There are many bacteria which fit the
description you have given (sounds very much like the opening text from a
micro tutorial such as Hyperclinic or Identibacter interactus...).  You
must use what you know to decide which diagnostic and confirmatory tests
to perform.  Provide more information and you might get a more helpful

Karl J. Roberts, Ph.D.
Prince George's Community College
Maryland, USA

 On 16 Sep 1997 Jaimee76 at wrote:

> I am doing a project for a class and i have growing in my lab a bacteria
> taken from a 60 year old male who is a smoker and has pneumonia.   I have
> isolated the bacteria and it is Gram Positive and has performed complete
> hemolysis.  It loves the blood and chocolate agar. Any ideas?
>                           Jaimee
>                       Jaimee76 at

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