Recombinant E.coli fermentation

Compaq vkosty at
Fri Sep 19 12:46:15 EST 1997

Having problems with scale-up of recombinant product E.coli fermentation.
While in LB-derived medium and 5 g/L glucose had no problems with scaling
to 200L and 1000L, with increased yeast extract and Tryptone, and glucose
up to 9-10 grams we cannot get the same biomass (OD and OUR), and
consequently, lower product formation. It gets worse going from 200L to
1000L. The fermentation is a 2-stage process with first growth period, and,
following induction with IPTG, production period. 
Acetate is never higher than 3.5 g/L. 
Will appreciate any advise.

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