I found a conspiracy!!!(was Re: the SINISTER plan a group of powerful j*ws and their gentile servants will use to maintain power and suppress other groups especially Heterosexual white genile men!)

Doubter dietrich at river.it.gvsu.edu
Fri Sep 26 12:45:20 EST 1997

Wow,I come to a conspiracy NG for a little fun entertainment,and WOW!,I
found myself a conspiracy!
After WWII,the nazi bastards(hitler and his closest collegues)had
themselves encripted and eventually fed into the burgeoning internet.
That must be the explanaZtion for this genocidal,dipshit fascistm
throwback!You hate filled,goat sucking,bed wetting excuse for a
netizen,SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

And,If you were just a troll,well-still SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Doubter(BTW,I am "aryan",of german ancestory,and do not even personally
know any jews)
Advocate for Amphibious Centaurs
Poor Monk of the Temple of Solomon
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"I'm too paranoid,but if I weren't,THEY'd get me!"

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