7H10 plates "C02-perm" bags?

Gail L Stogdell stogdell at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 27 14:34:44 EST 1997

We do not use parafilm or the CO2 perm bags.  Instead we use "shrink seals"
we get from Scientic Devices.  These bands of clear material fit around the
edges of the petri dish.  As the water evaporates out of them they shrink
up to the plate and make a nice seal.  We keep our plates 4 weeks with
these and it is easy to look for micro-colonies on the plates with the
scope.  If you must stain something on the plate you simply cut the thing

> Given the lack of volume bag sales, I'd say that most labs must not use
> bags unless there are other sources or types. Is everyone parafilm
> sealing petris from the first day of incubation?> 

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