anti-bacterial antibodies

Joel Gagliardi jg121 at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Thu Apr 2 11:18:58 EST 1998

Moelcular Probes 800-438-2209,
has several products specific for gram positive and gram negatives. I
used a staining kit with fluorescent dyes that stains live cells viewable
with a fluorescent scope, using the same filter commonly used for stains
associated with monoclonal antibodies.  They may also have
oligonucleotide probes. I hope this helps.

Stephanie D. Corbitt wrote:

> Stephanie Wrote:
>     I am searching for a company that sells polyclonal antibodies to
> Gran +ve bacteria and Gram -ve bacteria.  I need the antibodies to be
> extremely general in their recognition of the bacteria, but Gram
> specific.
>      If anyone could recommend a company that could produce these
> antibodies (and could produce them in a relatively short period of
> time), I would appreciate your advice.
> Please email any responses to scorbitt at
> Thank,
> Steph

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