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David L. Maserang, PhD David.Maserang at tdh.state.tx.us
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An east-coast state health dept has advertised a Molecular Biologist
position, requiring a doctorate in molecular immunology, biology,
microbiology or molecular biology (or similar discipline).  Salary
range is advertised as $41,535 - 64,847 (if you get an offer, always
plan on the bottom end of the range unless you are Nobel laureate

Other governmental positions will be similar.  Pay ranges are 
generally higher for the federal government.  

Master's level positions will generally be lower, but depending on 
capabilities, may meet doctorate-level salaries.  

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I am a Medical Lab Tech (ASCP) in the US military, and I am seriously
considering a career in microbiology when I get out. My plan is to
finish my B.S. in Biology, and then go on to get my M.S. in
Microbiology, and maybe one day get my PhD in microbiology. My question
is, what are the possibilities in finding a job with a M.S. in micro? I
DO NOT wish to teach, but would very much like to work hands on in a lab
somewhere.  Could someone please tell me what a microbiologist with a
M.S. can expect to earn (salary) out of school, and also what someone
with a PhD can expect? I know it probably varies a great deal with
location, etc...but a conservative estimate would be very much
appreciated. Also, any other tips or advice to my pursuits? Thank you
for your time.
                             Please reply through email, as I do not
come here very often.

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