Help identify bacterial strains, please

Martin Jugenburg martin.jugenburg at
Sat Apr 4 00:51:05 EST 1998

I am trying to learn more about a group of bacteria.  I have a list, but
some of them I was unable to look up.  I suspect that the names that I
have have spelling mistakes etc, thus giving me wrong names that I
cannot look up.  If anyone recognizes any of these organisms, please let
me know what their proper name is, and where can I find some information
on them

Here's the list.  These names are very likely misspelled, and some may
be a combination of two different organisms that got mixed up:

pneumoaptitis carium
protens myrabilis
moraxella catanhallis
klebsiella aerogens
streptococcus viridans

Thank you!!!

please reply to:
martin.jugenburg at

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