admiration and appreciation

Fred & Rachel Brusseau rbruss at
Sun Apr 5 09:22:54 EST 1998

I've just finished my senior thesis presentation. (Required for getting
my biology BA). It's title was "Bacterial analysis of human milk
following infant feeding". I won first place, in my field, at a
conference this weekend.

I would first like to thank everyone that replied to my random questions
over the last few months. It was really helpful. I consider myself a
very thorough text researcher, but there are some questions that are
better answered by experts with practical experience. I really
appreciated the help I received through this forum.

Second, I'd like to extend my admiration for microbiologists. It is a
huge field that requires a ton of practical knowledge. (e.g.. strain
names, test reactions, media, clinical applications, etc. etc. etc.)
Keep up the great work!!

rachel brusseau
four weeks away from a BA in Biology

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