The inoculation rate for lactobacillus GG seems high

Chris G. chris.gregerson at
Mon Apr 6 02:23:36 EST 1998

I grow a liter a week of Lactobacillus GG (ATCC 53103) at home in
an edible milk/tomato juice/yeast extract medium.  The
inoculation rate to coagulate a pint of this medium in 24 hours
is 20%.  This seems excessive.  When I begin to scale up the
culture, the first vessel (about 20ml) only requires a 2-3%
inoculation rate.

I have limited equipment, so I can't use most anaerobic
techniques.  In addition, I am limited to media ingredients that
are safe for human consumption.

The high inoculation rate makes it more difficult to scale up the
bacteria.  I am wondering why the inoculation rate shoots up so
dramatically with the larger volume of media.  What's more, is
there anything that can be done to get a lower rate to work?


Chris Gregerson
chris.gregerson at

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