(Fwd) Microbiology as a career. Need info

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Mon Apr 6 14:39:48 EST 1998

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David.Maserang at tdh.state.tx.us says...
>An east-coast state health dept has advertised a Molecular Biologist
>position, requiring a doctorate in molecular immunology, biology,
>microbiology or molecular biology (or similar discipline).  Salary
>range is advertised as $41,535 - 64,847 (if you get an offer, always
>plan on the bottom end of the range unless you are Nobel laureate
>Other governmental positions will be similar.  Pay ranges are 
>generally higher for the federal government.  

The typical starting point for a PhD microbiologist in the federal
service is at the Grade 11 step 1; currently about $38,500.
Advancement opportunities vary very widely, depending on the
nature of the position and the scientist's ability.

Competition for positions is keen.  Job descriptions are often
highly specific with regard to detailed experiential requirements.

In general, science careers are rough from the economic point of view.
Often there are difficulties with job security and job mobility.
Use caution before embarking in this direction.
Good luck.

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