Filamentous E.coli

Arnoud van Vliet arnoud at
Thu Apr 9 04:08:11 EST 1998

Dear Rich,

could your pneumococcal gene have anything to do with cell division?
Quite often if you clone these genes in E. coli, they interfere with
proper division of the E. coli. An ftsZ gene causes extensive
filamentation, as the new ftsZ interacts with the e.coli ftsz but does
not do the effector reaction as downstream proteins are not
interacting with the heterologous protein.

Have you got any idea on what your gene is supposed to be?

good luck

On 9 Apr 1998 02:37:33 GMT, Rich L <lm11 at> wrote:

>Dear experts,
>Recently I cloned a pneumococcus gene into an E. coli
>plasmid(pUC-derived)(the gene has its own promotor). When trnasforemed
>into E .coli, E .coli displayed a much slower growth. When I view it by
>LM, and found it becomes filamentous. Most of E.cli are 3-4 times longer,
>10-20% of E coli become more than 10 times longer. This is an unexpected
>Can somebody there tell me some hints about this, it's really weird.

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