need help w/ Pseudomonas fluorescens

Gabriel Favelukes fave at MAIL.RETINA.AR
Thu Apr 9 19:32:10 EST 1998

On  9 Apr 98 at 17:17, R. Lovett wrote:

> Can anyone tell me a medium besides Pseudomonas Agar F that can be used to
> differentiate Pseusomonas fluorescens?
> Thanks,
> Rhonda  rolovett at
> "The Science Stash"
Rhonda, a commonly used medium to detect fluorescen 
pseudomonads is King's B Medium (King, E.O.; Ward, M.K.; Raney, D.E. 
1954. "Two simple media  for the demonstration of pyocyanin and 
fluorescin". J. lab. Clin. Med. 44:301-307):
Medium B (to visualize fluorescin production): in per cent: 
Proteose Peptone No. 3 Difco, 2.0; Bacto Agar, Difco, 1.5; Glycerol 
C.P., 1.0; K2HPO4 (anhydrous), 0.15; MgSO4.7H2O, 0.15; pH 7.2
Peptone No. 3 of Difco was especially selected for this medium.
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