Scientist Fred Hoyle on AIDS

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> He has also theorized in the areas of life's origins, and the
> evolution of DNA and RNA.

Ah yes...and a proponent of the panspermia hypothesis,too. <cough>
> In the March 1995 issue of Scientific American, he was quoted
> concerning the AIDS virus:
>      "It is such a strange virus I have to believe it is a laboratory
>        product", he comments.  Is Hoyle suggesting that the
>        pathogen might have been produced by a biological warfare
>        program that went awry?  "Yes, that's my feeling," he
>        responds.

And this virus has been spread world-wide as part of some pan-global
conspiracy by men and women in dark suits talking in hushed tones...
> Hoyle has a reputation as a maverick, unafraid to take a
> controversial stance.  He does not do so frivolously or without
> giving it serious examination, which is perhaps the combination
> that has yielded his unique insights.

...which in no way makes his pontificating correct though it is, without a
doubt, entertaining to cynic and faithful alike.

Karl the hepB guy

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