Cruetzfeldt-Jakob Disease and CJD Voice

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Sun Apr 12 03:20:55 EST 1998

Is it proven the CJD is caused by a prion?  It is my understanding that there is
much opposition to this theory.  I know that "filamentous" bodies have been
recovered from autopsies, but I do not understand how an "inanimate" protein can
induce the conversion of a normal protein to the prion state?  If anyone can
briefly explain this event, it would be appreciated.   Bo

DebbieOney wrote:

> Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) is a horrendious fatal brain-deteriorating
> disease for which there is no treatment or cure.  It is caused by a prion. One
> strain of CJD is linked to Mad Cow Disease in England.  This strain has not
> been found in North America.  In the United States people get CJD through 3
> means: familial (genetic), spontaneous (don't know how) and iatrogenic
> (through a medical procedure).  It can take decades after exposure for the
> patient to show symptoms.
> CJD victims' first symptoms are often visual, coordination and psychological
> problems   Also, some people, such as those who received human pituitary
> growth hormone which puts them at higher risk of getting CJD, have to live
> with CJD hanging over their heads. People in either of these groups and their
> families may find themselves in a mental health professional's office.  CJD
> patients often die at home and therefore have home health service and have
> family members as caregivers.
> CJD is more common than reported.  In one study of Alzheimer patients 13% when
> autopsied were found to really have CJD.
> Also, since normal sterilization methods do no kill the CJD infectious agent
> and , it can therefore be spread by surgical instruments, it is more of a
> danger to public health than mere number of cases would suggest..  And, while
> the question of whether iit is spread by blood is controversial, blood
> products such as human albumin are used in vaccines such as Measles-Mumps-
> Rubella, rabies and allergy shots and it is used in InVitro Fertilization
> (IVF) cultures.
> CJD Voice is an e-mail discussion group.  Most members have lost a loved one
> to CJD or currently have a loved one with CJD.   It provides support to these
> people as well tries to increase public awareness of CJD and tries to make CJD
> a reportable disease and to increase funding for CJD research so treatments
> and
> a cure can be found  The CJD webpage has a message board, chat room, links to
> other websites with CJD information, a CJD information webring and a list of
> CJD researchers accepting financial contributions.
> The address for the CJD Voice Webpage is
> Please feel free to visit our website and to refer other people to it.
> Please have them contact Liz Armstrong at LArmstr853 at about getting on
> the e-mail list.
> Thank you.
> Deborah Schechter

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