Scientist Fred Hoyle on AIDS

John Chalmers non12 at
Sat Apr 11 09:55:56 EST 1998

Hoyle knows nothing about biology. He also thinks influenza virus is
carried on comets and periodically causes epidemics on the earth.
His associate Wickwramasinghe is an anti-evolutionist and testified
for the State of Arkansas (or Louisiana) in the most recent creationism
trials. I believe both of them believe in some sort of panspermia, a theory
that life arose just once in the Galaxy and spread through space to the
earth, a hypothesis which begs the question as to how it originated. Hoyle
is a fine astronomer, though wrong about Continuous Creation (aka Steady
State) and a pretty good SF writer (The Black Cloud, A for Andromeda,
etc.), but a dub at biology.


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