Help identify bacterial strains, please

Kerry Thornbury kerryd.remove.this.bit at
Mon Apr 13 18:24:51 EST 1998

>> Here's the list.  These names are very likely misspelled, and some may
>> be a combination of two different organisms that got mixed up:
>> pneumoaptitis carium

Pneumocystis carinii???

>> protens myrabilis

Proteus mirabilis

>> moraxella catanhallis

Moraxella catarrhalis

>> klebsiella aerogens

Klebsiella aerogenes

>> micrococcus


>> streptococcus viridans

yes...its a group of streptococci

You will be able tofind out about these bacteria from any decent
microbiology text


>> Thank you!!!
>> MJ
>> please reply to:
>> martin.jugenburg at

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