bacillus thuringiensis

Paul Griffin t.s.griffin at
Mon Apr 13 19:52:28 EST 1998

I posted a message a few days ago requesting information on the use of
bacillus thuringiensis as a biopesticide. I realise that perhaps my initial
request was a little brief. I am particularly seeking information on the
application of bacillus as a biopesticide and not the use of the B.t. toxin
gene in producing transgenic plants. Information that I am having
difficulty obtaining relates mainly to up to the minute data on numbers of
resistant insect species and data on the current usage of biopesticides
compared to chemical insecticides. References of recent field trials or
even laboratory trials would be fantastic but any relevant information
would be greatly appreciated.

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	Department of Microbiology and Immunology
	University of Adelaide
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