Help with construction of phylogenetic tree.

Zhongtang Yu zyu at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Wed Apr 15 11:53:38 EST 1998

I have two 16S rDNA sequences (complete), which I obtained by
sequencing both strands from two isolates. I want to construct a
phylogenetic tree by including these 2 sequences and other related
sequences.  I don't know if I need to align my sequences MANUALLY with
other selected sequences. I don't know why and how to do manual 
alignment.  Does anyone know any reference on the basics and how to do
manual alignment?  Any info will be appreciated.

It looks like people use fifferent program to construct such trees.  That
means with a same group of sequences, trees with different topologies can
be constructed.  I wonder if there is a "standard procedure and program"
that can used, at least in publication.    

Zhongtang Yu
Dept. of Mcirobiology, UBC.

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