Help with construction of phylogenetic tree.

Thibaud Le Mouël lemouel at
Thu Apr 16 01:59:45 EST 1998

>I have two 16S rDNA sequences (complete), which I obtained by
>sequencing both strands from two isolates. I want to construct a
>phylogenetic tree by including these 2 sequences and other related
>sequences.  I don't know if I need to align my sequences MANUALLY with
>other selected sequences. I don't know why and how to do manual
>alignment.  Does anyone know any reference on the basics and how to do
>manual alignment?  Any info will be appreciated.
>It looks like people use fifferent program to construct such trees.  That
>means with a same group of sequences, trees with different topologies can
>be constructed.  I wonder if there is a "standard procedure and program"
>that can used, at least in publication.
>Zhongtang Yu
>Dept. of Mcirobiology, UBC.

You can use clustalX.PPC for both alignement and phylogenetic trees.


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