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Thu Apr 16 04:09:06 EST 1998

Fred & Rachel Brusseau wrote:
> Food for thought.....
> Yesterday in my Developmental Biology class my professor proposed an
> interesting theory. He thinks that human virus' are derived from humans.
> They are bits of our DNA that have somehow disassociated from our body
> and evolved into what they are today. I can't remember the details of
> his example, but he said the theory came to him when he read about a
> virus that had complete homology (with exception of one base pair) with
> a portion of human DNA. 

Dear Friends,

I do have three comments...

1. Then why the viruses have to kill and hurt human cells?
   It seems to me that to multiply and to keep itself on earth
   it should be able to do without killing the host - if the bug knows
   so well how things are operated inside the cell (you may argue that
   some viruses do such that, but some don't ...say RNA viruses like 
   the picornas).

2. How would this idea explain the viral genes like reverse
   Are there reverse transcriptase counterparts in cellular genome?

3. Similarity may be due to the physical constrain of the system.
   I mean, if I must take a screw out of the engine block, I must 
   use a wrench, no other tools can do.  If a virus must unlock
   cellular .....whatever.  It is possible that the only way to 
   unlock the thing is to use....the wrench...that is also similar
   to the "cellular wrench".

Just an idea...

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