500 Researchers on AIDS

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Fri Apr 17 22:01:52 EST 1998

500 Researchers on AIDS

I mentioned last time how the eminent scientist, Sir Fred Hoyle,
is on record saying that he thinks the AIDS virus to be a
likely biowar product.  I have to chuckle a bit at the criticism
that Hoyle is famed primarily as an astrophysicist (he is the
scientist who first coined the term "Big Bang"), and therefore his
views should not count.

We must be making progress in this debate.  Earlier, the attitude
was that anyone making such suggestions must "need medication",
or must be so open-minded as to have "their brains falling out".

At least, even the critics must admit that Hoyle is an "intelligent
man", which is an understatement.  Hoyle has a broad range of
interests, and has done much theorizing on the evolution of DNA.
I don't agree with the brush-offs, but that is largely beside the

It's experts in the fields of microbiology or virology that you
want?  Hoyle's views are mild compared to the 500 researchers,
prominent scientists, and journalists who make the growing
"AIDS Dissident" movement.

The AIDS Dissidents question the entire hypothesis that a retrovirus
called HIV causes the group of diseases known as AIDS.

The group includes two Nobel laureates, Kary Mullis, inventor of
the PCR test that Dr. Ho was using to investigate old blood samples,
and Harvard researcher Walter Gilbert.  There is Dr. Albert Sabin,
discoverer of the polio vaccine, Charles Thomas, professor of
biochemistry at Harvard, Dr. Richard Beltz, creator of AZT, Dr.
Joseph Sonnabend, microbiologist. Professor Serge Lang, Yale
University, Robert Root-Bernstein, molecular scientist, Harry
Rubin, retrovirologist.  One of the best known Peter Duesberg,
retrovirologist, member of the National of Scientists.  He is
a friend and colleague of Dr. Robert Gallo.

At first, I thought that this movement was crazy, and I didn't want
even to read their literature.  Eventually, I was overwhelmed by
their number and qualifications.  I realized that even if their
central contentions were flawed, there must be SOMETHING
driving their criticisms.

The more that I read their literature, the more that I realize
how something must be wrong with various long-held notions
about HIV.  At the very least, the group raises some valid
points about factors such as misdiagnosis, the way in which
AIDS is defined as a disease, the dangers of AZT, the role of
poppers, etc.

I want to make perfectly clear that I am not saying that HIV
is harmless, or that unsafe sex is ok.  In my opinion, regardless
of what the real story eventually turns out to be, we must
err on the side of safety, even as we explore all theoretical
possibilities as to what AIDS is, and from where it came.

Assume that HIV causes AIDS.  Assume that everyone you
meet has HIV and that you will get it from unsafe sex.  Assume
that condoms will break, especially in anal intercourse.  Assume
that any stories about doctors injecting themselves with HIV blood
might be propaganda luring gay men into unsafe sex.

Assume these things for the rest of your lives, in order to
maintain your health.  In order to improve your knowledge,
however, assume that everything that you think you know about
AIDS may be wrong.

There are many other microbiologists who ridicule the dissidents,
call their theories "Flat Earth".  Yet, with so many prominent
researchers to their number, the "Flat Earth" label is not
completely plausible.  Something is wrong with the picture- that
is my primary conclusion at this point.  What exactly is wrong, is
something that is wise for us to take seriously and investigate
in detail.

I notice that a number of microbiologists with whom I have
spoken, even though they disagree with Duesberg, decline to
characterize him as a mere crank.  I have not spoken to any
experts yet who have denied his credentials and expertise.  One
microbiologist with whom I spoke went so far as to say that
I would be "absolutely convinced" if I read Duesberg's
books (which is on my agenda).

I would suggest that http://www.virusmyth.com/aids/ is a good
starting point for getting a background on the AIDS Dissident
movement.  I will be discussing some of the contentions in
days to come.

It ought to be increasingly clear in any case that there are 
well-qualified persons from many different backgrounds who
question conventional wisdom about AIDS- scientists, politicians,
former CIA operatives, former National Security advisors,
investigative reporters.  Try as some people reflexively will,
it is going to be increasingly difficult to ignore all of them.

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

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