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Umnarj Paeratakul wrote:
 Fred & Rachel Brusseau wrote:
 > Food for thought.....
 > Yesterday in my Developmental Biology class my professor proposed an
 > interesting theory. He thinks that human virus' are derived from
 > They are bits of our DNA that have somehow disassociated from our
 > and evolved into what they are today. I can't remember the details of
 > his example, but he said the theory came to him when he read about a
 > virus that had complete homology (with exception of one base pair)
 > a portion of human DNA.

More comments.....

The argument that says a virus has complete homology (similarity) to a
portion of human DNA....Thus cellular DNA - my be the creator of the

Can I argue other way round, that this - what we see is a result 
of a virus infecting cells and make itself  a part of cellular genome?  
Not the cellular genome giving rise to a virus?

To be able to prove your professor's theory.  I guess we have to 
get a "virgin" cell that never see a virus (may be from the Almighty...) 
and explore its genome.  Then get the virgin virus (again...from the
that never see a cell and explore its genome, and compare the two.

Since virus and cell must co-exist and one has to infect another,
and this has happened for million of years.  It is then - very difficult
to prove who give rise to whom.  Kind of like what comes first..chicken
or eggs.

What do you think?

Just my two cents...

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