Bactericidal/Bacteriostatic combinations

Nicholas Namias M.D. nnamias at
Fri Apr 17 20:27:23 EST 1998

Since the quinolones work by interfering with DNA synthesis, it is logical
that the quinolones would be less effective in a culture whose growth is
arrested by a bacteriostatic agent, but, the glory goes to the guy who
proves it. Go for it.

Nicholas Namias, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
University of Miami School of Medicine
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goodbyelook at wrote in message <6h83so$f50$1 at>...

>My question is: Is this true when combining the Quinolones (eg. ofloxacin)
>with bacteriostatic drugs? Quinolones are bactericidal, but have a
>mode of action from that of the beta-lactams.

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