Scientist Fred Hoyle on AIDS

TRKeske trkeske at
Sat Apr 18 21:41:02 EST 1998

>So, an expert astrophysicist thinks that AIDS is a man-made virus.  
>Well, gee-whiz, I'm convinced.  I'm a virologist, but I think stars 
>are made of pixie dust.  Prove me wrong.

When you are knighted for your scientific 
achievements, I'll take more interest
when you venture outside your speciality.

In these days of narrowly-focused fields of expertise,
Hoyle is one of those rare individuals who strikes me as having the level of
talent that it takes to touch
on multiple disciplines.

Microbiologists by no means are in an exclusive
position to proclaim where emerging diseases
are coming from.   What do you know about
biowar history?  CIA history?  Terrorism?
The record of human experiments?   The Cold War

It takes a microbiologist, an investigative reporter,
a well-connected politician, an ex-CIA operative
turned critic, a historian, a computer expert searching
the net.

If you want microbiologists who say the same thing
as Hoyle, I assure you that they exist: Garth
Nicholson, Professor Segal, Dr. John Martin. 
Sorry guys, there is no united front on this issue.

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

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