500 Researchers on AIDS

Brian Foley btf at t10.lanl.gov
Tue Apr 21 15:39:25 EST 1998

TRKeske wrote:
> 500 Researchers on AIDS
>   I realized that even if their
> central contentions were flawed, there must be SOMETHING
> driving their criticisms.
> ...
> Tom Keske
> Boston, Mass.

Pretty much the same things that caused many people to 
not believe that the earth was a sphere.  There were
thousands of intelligent people who liked the idea that
the earth was flat and the universe revovled around the
earth.  There still are quite a few remaining who believe

It turns out that science is not a popularity contest.
We do not vote on what is true or right.

But if you really did a little deeper, you will find
out that there is no real list of 500 scientists who
discount the idea that HIV causes AIDS.  I wrote to
a random sample of 100 of the people on that list,
asking if they had any data or ideas about other
causes of AIDS and only Duesberg and 3 others replied.
Duesberg still tends to believe it is all poppers and
AZT.  Aparently he hasn't read the recent (published
since 1986) literature.  The other 3 had no data, but
felt that there might be some other cofactor besides
HIV which caused AIDS.

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