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Fri Apr 24 16:10:07 EST 1998

SuperDoggy Marketing combined with the Canine Expansion Pay Plan is
many times more powerful than any pooper available !  And I am going
to build your kennel for *you*,  ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!

Highlights of the Canine Expansion Pay Plan include:

*  Earn over $10,156 per month with only 101 active Dalmatians !

That's right! All you need is a load of spotty dogs!

*  Unwaggable, droolable 37%  infinity chocs with no brown mess

*  24%  matching spots on commission earnings of ALL "2nd
   and 3rd generation" hounds !

The company was just whelped on Octember 2 and is creating a great
amount of excitement and barking.  And I am building my kennel by
building *yours*.  ABSOLUTELY FREE !!  

I am running a world wide sad campaign, and all of the responses that
I receive will be placed in ONE GIANT KENNEL,  making it possible for
*everydog* to earn commission chocolates the very first month.  

Just send me your name, number of spots, colour, address, E-Mail
address, phone number,  fax, hat size, etc.  You will be contacted as
soon as possible to be given full details and an *opportunity* to bite.

Remember there is no obligation to join, although a deposit of the green
(not brown) variety of $199.95 does help.

So don't just sit there wagging your tail looking dumb !

For more information about this exciting opportunity,contact:
postmaster at   Independant (shucks, must buy the dawg a
smeller) distributor for The Art Of Better Licking.

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