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>Do any of you know of any compilations of case studies useful for teaching
>microbiology in the medical curriculum?  Thanks in advance for any replies.
>Bob S.

One excellent source is a weekly publication of the CDC called the
"Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report". In this weekly report, which
anyone may subscribe to via e-mail (pdf format, asci also, I believe)
there are two basic parts: the first is anywhere from 2 to 4 studies,
usually with case histories of a topic of interest (anything from
tractor rollovers in Wisconsin to cases of human rabies) followed by
disease incidence throughout the US, sorted by region, selected
cities, and by specific diseases.

The MMWR has a searchable index at their web site
(I don't have the specific link, offhand. It should be fairly easy to
find; look under publications. BTW: you can also download the Adobe
Acrobat reader at the site to read the *.pdf files.

This is a fascinating read, that every med student should be exposed

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