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> Could anyone clear up the following.
> Does one have to follow the same precautions when attaching/detaching HPLC
> columns, as in the case of low pressure column chromatography, to avoid air
> bubble penetration into the column? I mean do I have to first disconnect
> upper side then lower, paying attention to always feed junctions with some
> extra buffer before screwing on a nut, and connect the column reversely
> first by lower, then by upper end? I could not find such recommendations or
> precautions anywhere. Looks like HPLC might have a certain protection
> (bubble traps?...).
> Please reply to em at unforgettable.com if possible. Thank you.
> Emir
While bubbles may form as solvent evaporates on storage, remember that the
high pressures created help to reduce the bubble size and force it from the
column. I have often used columns which have dried out after long periods of
storage, without problems, unless you allow non-volatile components to
crystallise out. In that case apply a low flow rate of an appropriate solvent
until the back pressure falls.
G.P. Jackman

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